My name is David and I am an entrepreneur, UX architect, designer, & overall creative individual. I enjoy the principles of elegant design and usability. From Amazon.com to T-Mobile, I've had the great honor of working on some amazing projects in our beautiful city of Seattle and beyond.

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  • GoodRoadNetwork logo

    GoodRoadNetwork was an idea I came up with while touring with my band. I create a process for us to forecast expenses prior to the tour. In addition, it helped us in booking venues up and down the coast. After returning from the tour, I started getting calls from other agencies and bands that wanted to know how we did our tour so I decided that we needed to automate the process and make it available to the public.

    To learn more more, View GoodRoadNetwork.com online

  • UX design for Web & Mobile apps

    I spent the last 8 years working in a responsive/adaptive web environment. I was the UX architect for the mobile launch of TireBuyer.com and last year I launched my own company that is completely responsive. In the last year I started working more with native apps and usability for IOS and Android devices.

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