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My name is David and I am, what is commonly known as, a Sr UX Architect. I am focused on the principles of elegant design and usability and I have more than 20 years experience in web and front end design.


What is a Sr. UX Architect?

This is a question I am asked on the daily. I have always looked at my job as being the connecting fiber between the human user and (in this case) machine. I look at the ways an individual engages an object, task, or set of tasks, and then try to improve that relationship in a way that makes it more organic/natural.


So who is David?

I started as a Graphic designer back in college. These were the days of rubylith, giant cameras, and hot wax machines. I migrated into computer and web design prior to Internet Explorer launching on the scene in the mid 90's. My love of html grew and soon I returned to college to pick up some development skills (.NET,PHP, SQL, MySQL). Over the last two decades you could find me working in vendor roles for such companies as; XBOX, New Belgium Brewing, Microsoft, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, T-Mobile, Costco, and many more.


Now what's happening?

While my career started as a graphic designer in the early 90's, it evolved through many facets before landing in the usability field. I took detours through open source development and Front End Design [FED]. I taught at the local community college and I have also been lucky enough to engage in start-up enterprises (including my latest venture It is this diversity in my background that allows me to excel at what I do. I can walk the walk and talk the talk with the developer team and translate design into code and vice verse.


today (spring 2016)

I am working with Disney media services in Seattle WA. I work with an amazing team of people and, together, we have really done some interesting things. So next time you sign in to your Disney account or play that game of Fantasy football with your friends on ESPN - think of me.


Also noteworthy - I launched my own company in April 2016. It is a social network for musicians and venues with a wealth of booking tools engaged. We have been gaining traction lately and I encourage you to check it out at


I have a wealth of connections and, while I may not be available for a given project, I am also happy to offer referrals of qualified applicants that I may have knowledge of.





Every success in life starts with process. for more information on my process, view the process page



Research and understand the business/user needs


Prioritize goals, create functional specs, understand business requirements.


Interaction design, information architecture, roles and process


Interface and navigation design - wireframing and annotations


Visual branding, contrast and uniformity, color and typography.


Working front end design with FED code handoff.


Wild Root Salong & Day Spa

Design and built for an Aveda salon

New Belgium Skinny Dip Ale

Facebook app for Skinny Dip Ale promotion


Email business template

XBOX Lips Karaoke video game

Built the web site for the promotional launch of the new game

I-MATE & technologies

Re-Design concept for I-Mate technologies

T-Mobile store re-design

Sr UX Architect for the Re-Brand of the TMobile online web stores.

Real Estate Insiders

Lead PM and designer for local real estate group

Sr Ux Architect for web launch and Mobile launch

5 Corner Market

Design for restaurant launch in Ballard

Professional Cleaning Service

design and dev for capitol hill cleaning agency

Our Recruits.

Co-Founder: Build and Launch athletic collegiate recruiting company

Good Road Network

Founder: Build and launch Touring and booking web software for bands